North West Calligraphy

past workshops 2019


As usual: No workshop was held in January.


Celtic Page  -  Vivien Lunniss

Port Sunlight          Saturday 9th February 2019 10am - 4pm

Lower Withington   Sunday 10th February 2019 10am - 4pm


Celtic art is characterised by stylised birds and animals and interlacing knotwork patterns. We will create a design using Uncials, possibly combined with a variation of the basic script, and elements of Celtic art to complete a small finished piece.

Celtic Page


Celtic Page


MARCH 2019

Copperplate part1 - Pen handling and lower case letterforms
Rachel Yallop
Port Sunlight                Saturday 9th March 2019  10am – 4pm
Lower Withington        Sunday 10th March 2019  10am – 4pm

Copperplate is a supremely elegant hand that should take your breath away. The subtle but swelling line is the key to a beautiful and accomplished Copperplate style. This workshop looks at how this can be achieved. Class exercises will cover the correct angle to the page and correct position in the hand to achieve the perfect elegant line, the breath-like touch on the paper for the fine strokes and the rhythm of pressure and release that create the thick and thin strokes.

Churchill Quote


Workshop cost; £20.00 for members, £25.00 for non-members. Booking for members opens on 30th November 2018 and to non-members from 31st January 2019.

APRIL 2019

Copperplate part 2 - Capitals and flourishing
Rachel Yallop
Port Sunlight:                 Saturday 13th April 2019  10am – 4pm
Lower Withington:         Sunday 14th April 2019  10am – 4pm

After studying the subtle, swelling line of the lowercase letters in Part 1, we will practise the 'Line of Universal Beauty'. Looking first at groups of letters with similar construction. Then analysing the inherent narrow proportions of the letterform in contrast to the more expansive lead-in and out stokes. And we will look at how capitals can be used with lowercase letters.


As for Copperplate Part 1


Advance booking is essential; owing to high demand priority will be given to people booked on the first workshop.
Workshop cost; £20.00 for members, £25.00 for non-members. Booking for members opens on 1st February 2019 and to non-members from 28th February 2019.

MAY 2019

Pentel Brush Writing - Manny Ling

Port Sunlight                   Saturday 11 May 2019 10am - 4pm

Lower Withington           Sunday 12 May 2019 10am - 4pm

Pentel Brush example

In this workshop we will be using Pentel brush pens to create quick lettering that can be used for a variety of purposes.
The writing looks complex and dynamic but it is relatively easy to do once you understand the principles behind the techniques.

If time allows, we will try different styles of brush lettering too.


JUNE 2019

Gestural Italic     Mary Noble

Port Sunlight           Saturday  8th June  (10am - 4pm)

Lower Withington   Sunday  9th June  (10am - 4pm)

Free up your calligraphy to create livelier work in this step-by-step workshop taking you logically through the expansive gestural marks that go into making the Italic hand so dancing and expressive.  As always, we will warm up with the basic version first, so do rehearse your 'normal' Italic first if you are a bit rusty!


Gestural Italic

JULY 2019

Summer Members’ Weekend
Waverton                          Sat - 13th July

On Saturday (10-1pm) there is:
Painting on Slate and Pebbles with Jean Gray
Fee £10 - materials supplied.
Afterwards, around 1.30pm there is a tour of Burley Hall - please see June Newsletter 110 for details.


Project Day (£10)
Lower Withington                  Sunday 14th July 10-3pm

Bring your pens and own choice of words and practise either the pointed or edged pen. Pauline Hall will be on hand to help left-handed calligraphers and Hilary Lewis will be assisting. Perhaps try a type of nib that’s less familiar, or bring your own choice of project.

Muted tones


Gilding a Medieval or Modern Initial  -    Toni Watts

Waverton                   Saturday 14th September 10am – 4pm
Lower Withington      Sunday 15th September 10am - 4pm

* Places must be booked in advance, download a booking form HERE.

Participants will explore a variety of ways of gilding a letter using both simple and more challenging techniques. The first part of the day will be spent doing a small practice piece, discovering which technique works best, and then gilding a letter using your method of choice.
Sept workshop example

There will be images available to trace but creativity is welcome (if designing a letter please don't be too ambitious - make sure the finished piece is no bigger than A6!)
Sept example


Apart from the items listed above, all other materials will be provided including loose gold, gesso, paper etc.  There will be a charge of £5 per person for this.


Presenting Calligraphy - Vivien Lunniss FSSI FCLAS

Waverton                          10-4pm - Sat 12th October 2019
Lower Withington           10-4pm - Sun 13th October 2019

We will be looking at a variety of ways that we can present our work using demonstration, discussion and structured exercises using mini-layouts, which can be tailored to suit individual levels of experience.
Calligraphy examples


In addition to the items on our tool kit list, please bring:


Interpretation and Colour  -  Gillian Hazeldine FSSI

Waverton                          10-4pm Saturday 9th November 2019
Lower Withington           10-4pm Sunday 10th November 2019

All colours have connotations and it is therefore important to match the colour you plan to use with the text you have chosen. We will think first of all about interpretation of text and appropriate use of colour, then move on to the mixing and use of subtle variations on a colour within one piece of text. 
Calligraphy example


I will bring some quotes with me, but if you have any that you particularly want to work on, please bring them.

*This was Jilly’s final workshop for NWCA