North West Calligraphy

past workshops 2020


As usual: No workshop was held in January.


Josie Brown - LESS IS MORE

Waverton                   Saturday 8th February 10am – 4pm
Lower Withington      Sunday 9th February 10am - 4pm

Booking opens for Members on 6th December 2019 
Suitable for all levels of ability.

This workshop capitalizes on what each individual can already do. It will be demanding in one way only… enjoying what we love most about calligraphy – writing! We can often throw everything at a piece of work, not always knowing when to stop. We will look at a number of pieces to work out what’s there, why it’s there and if it’s necessary. We will look at some original pieces and books by Ann Hechle, Alison Urwick and Joan Pilsbury. Everyone will select one particular script to focus on and develop a design using only that. The intention is for everyone to complete a modest piece of work – simple but charming. 


•Layout/cartridge paper
•Range of nib sizes and other tools like cola pen/brush pen
•Inks or paints you like
•Glue stick plus scissors/knife
•Metal rule and cutting mat
•One or two short texts (8/10 lines – can be a poem, blessing, haiku or prayer, although prose can often be easier)
•2 pieces (A3 or larger) of cartridge or heavier text-weight paper, about 120gsm (Fabriano Accademia)
•Larger sheet of heavier weight coloured paper, about 160 gsm in a colour that works with  your text/s (Canson Mi-Teintes, Clairefontaine Ingres or Lana)
•Linen or cotton thread to tone with your coloured paper 
•Exemplars for the script you choose to use
•Bookbinding needle if you have one.

The tutor will bring some text weight papers, coloured papers, binder’s needles and a few other tools/mediums that may be required – to buy or for use on the day.


All workshops and Introduction to Calligraphy classes are CANCELLED until Project Day on the 11th and 12th of July. We will then reassess the situation and hopefully be able to start up our programme of events again. For further information please contact Sarah Morgan.

MARCH 2020

Vivien Lunniss FSSI, FCLAS
MODERN CALLIGRAPHY – A Pointed Pen Variation

Waverton                   Saturday 14th March 10am – 4pm
Lower Withington      Sunday 15th March 10am - 4pm

Pre-booking required, forms are vaialable HERE. (PDF format)
Booking opens for Members on 27th January 2020
Suitable for all levels of ability.

This is an informal style of lettering using a flexible, pointed dip pen and is relaxing and fun. We will start with a basic alphabet and begin adapting the script to develop a more personal style.

Pointed Pen

In addition to your calligraphy tool kit, if you haven’t used one before:
•Nikko G and Manuscript T-point are good beginners nibs
•A smooth paper such as Rhodia, Winsor & Newton smooth cartridge
•Layout paper
•Dark paper