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MAY 2018

Italic and Variations - Jilly Hazeldine

Port Sunlight:                    Saturday 12th May 2018
Lower Withington:             Sunday 13th May 2018

The great script of the Renaissance, Italic, is an essential in the repertoire of any calligrapher. This workshop will be an opportunity to learn, re-learn or improve the formal script, or, if you are confident that you fully understand formal Italic, to begin working on a couple of the almost infinite variations that are possible: changing the weight and pointed Italic. We will also consider the interpretative possibilities of these variations.


Usual tool kit (see list), plus:
•Good quality A3 cartridge paper
•Ink, preferably Higgins Eternal or you may prefer gouache
•Mitchell or Leonardt nibs, sizes 2 and 4 (formal Italic)
•Mitchell or Leonardt nibs, sizes 1 ½ to 5 (variations)

JUNE 2018

Project Day

Port Sunlight:                    Saturday 9th June 2018
Lower Withington:             Sunday 10th June 2018

Project Day has been very successful in giving members an opportunity to catch up on workshop material and also to socialise and eat cake. If you've not been before then please give it a try as we would love to see you. We thought we would add an extra dimension this time and try our hand at using slate and stone.
Further information and materials will be available nearer the time.

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JULY 2018

The Lettering of David Jones - Janet Smith

Port Sunlight:                    Saturday 14th July 2018
Lower Withington:             Sunday 15th July 2018

David Jones was a 20th Century British artist (and writer and poet). Among his works are pieces of lettering which he called “painted inscriptions”. These will be our starting point as we create our own personal versions of lively capital letters. The class will be suitable for all, but it will be helpful to have
had some experience of writing with edged pens.


Usual tool kit (see list p25), plus:
•Smaller nibs (such as Mitchell 4 or 5, Brause 1 or 0.5)
•Practice paper including one sheet of layout or tracing paper
•A few small pieces of good paper - coloured and textured papers will work nicely
•Some short quotes to write out.


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