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The work of Rudolf Koch - Vivien Lunniss

Port Sunlight:                    Saturday 14th October 2017
Lower Withington:             Sunday 15th October 2017

Rudolf Koch's Blackletter is characterised by a steep pen angle which creates an unusual distribution of thick and thin strokes, making the tops of the letters and the serifs the boldest parts of the letters. Combined with his use of minimal interline spacing this creates a heavy textural appearance to the page.
Capitals were often a larger version of the lower case, sometimes outlined in gold with richly coloured counter spaces. We can incorporate these in a block of text.




NOTE: In a change to the original timetable, November’s workshop will no longer be

Jilly Hazeldine - Writing on Different Surfaces.

 Jill will be offering this instead on 10th & 11th February 2018.


Cadels - Brian Colvin

Port Sunlight:                    Saturday 11th November 2017
Lower Withington:             Sunday 12th November 2017



We shall be exploring the wonderful and elaborate shapes and embellishments of Cadel letters, popular in the 15th century.
These letters stand alone at the beginning of many important documents, ie. court papers, wills and deeds etc. They are constructed with a broad nib.
Colour plays a big part in making these letters to produce a bold impact on a piece of calligraphy or card.


December 10th -                    AGM, Lower Withington (Sunday only)

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