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All workshops and Introduction to Calligraphy classes are CANCELLED until Project Day on the 11th and 12th of July. We will then reassess the situation and hopefully be able to start up our programme of events again. For further information please contact Sarah Morgan.


MARCH 2020

Vivien Lunniss FSSI, FCLAS
MODERN CALLIGRAPHY – A Pointed Pen Variation

Waverton                   Saturday 14th March 10am – 4pm
Lower Withington      Sunday 15th March 10am - 4pm

Pre-booking required, forms are vaialable HERE. (PDF format)
Booking opens for Members on 27th January 2020
Suitable for all levels of ability.

This is an informal style of lettering using a flexible, pointed dip pen and is relaxing and fun. We will start with a basic alphabet and begin adapting the script to develop a more personal style.

Pointed Pen

In addition to your calligraphy tool kit, if you haven’t used one before:
•Nikko G and Manuscript T-point are good beginners nibs
•A smooth paper such as Rhodia, Winsor & Newton smooth cartridge
•Layout paper
•Dark paper


APRIL 2020


Waverton                   Saturday 4th April - 10am – 4pm
Lower Withington      Sunday 5th April - 10am - 4pm

Pre-booking is required, forms are available HERE. (PDF format)
Booking opens for Members on 28th February 2020
Suitable for all levels of ability 

As we learn calligraphy, we follow the rules – they are important and it’s critical if we’re going to improve. But it’s also right to question the rules too.

Fun Calligraphy

We will start with some gentle bending of the rules and get braver throughout the day – experimenting with ways to manipulate our lettering to create new and vibrant looks. If the phrases ‘writing without lines’, ‘distorting letter shapes’ and ‘unruly spacing’ make you a little anxious (or not), come and be gently led through the experiments, and let your inner rebel loose for the day!

Please bring your calligraphy tool kit and favourite pens, ink, pencils and paper.


MAY 2020


Waverton                   Saturday 9th May - 10am – 4pm
Lower Withington      Sunday 10th May - 10am - 4pm

Pre-booking required
Suitable for all levels of ability

Discover the joy of using Finetec pearlescent watercolour in a number of exciting ways. They write beautifully from both edged and pointed pens and can be used for a range of painting techniques and used as an alternative to gold powder.

In this workshop we will take you through the basics of mixing and blending Finetec paints for lettering and painting, through to easy to follow painting methods to create three-dimensional looking objects. Tracings will be available so that you do not need to be able to draw.

There will be a variety of projects suitable for those who have never picked up a paint brush before, right up to trompe l’oeil effects for more confident painters. Amaze yourself with what you can achieve with this versatile and exciting medium.


•Any Finetec colours that you have, preferably including a gold
•A few sheets of dark coloured card or paper i.e. black, dark blue, bottle green or deep red the choice is yours
•Any tubes of good quality gouache that you have – to include yellow ochre and a dark brown plus white
•1x No 1 size pointed brush
•1x No 00/000 (also known as 2/0 or 3/0) size pointed brush with a good point
•Any good quality brushes which have got bent or stray hairs so I can show how to fix them
•Palette with small wells
•Tracing paper
•A hard/propelling pencil
•A softer 2B pencil (not vital but useful to speed up shading)
•Masking fluid if you have it
•A4 size piece of hot press watercolour paper

The tutor will have additional Finetec paints, specific gouache colours and tracing paper available for a small charge to cover costs.