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Calligraphic Christmas Cards - Viven Lunniss

Port Sunlight:                    Saturday 13th October 2018
Lower Withington:             Sunday 14th October 2018

Our focus will be to make a smaller version of Sally’s ‘Thank You Card’ (as seen at the AGM) and, depending on available time, we will also use lettering to make unique greetings cards in a variety of designs and structures with a festive theme, although the designs and skills used here are useful for other celebrations.
Christmas Cards
Beginners are welcome (especially from Andrew Cowley’s class) and more experienced students.

There will be various materials available for purchase on the day.

Usual calligraphy kit, plus
•               Bone folder (sometimes called a paper creaser)
•               Tracing paper
•               Smooth cartridge paper, approx. 130 gsm
•               Any cards, decorative paper and festive bling that you may have
•               Colouring media of choice: Gouache (& palette, brushes, etc), watercolour/watercolour pencils, gel pens or coloured pencils etc.
•               Exemplars of your favourite scripts, or a good book as reference.

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How to Create a Unique Script - Cherrell Avery

Port Sunlight:                    Saturday 10th November 2018
Lower Withington:             Sunday 11th November 2018

Suitable for all levels of ability
This experimental workshop will enable you to create a whole new range of letters with your edged pen and develop them into a distinct alphabet of your own. Although based on historical scripts the results will have a very different, contemporary feel.
Script example
There will be group exercises to help you take a close look at letter characteristics and through individual guided practise learn how to modify and adapt these letters. By adding elements from existing scripts and possibly designing your own 'extras', new and exciting forms begin to emerge. See how the letters work together and use them in a small project. Once you understand the process and have the confidence, the possibilities are endless!

Usual tool kit, plus:
•               various sizes of Mitchell or Brause nibs (whichever you prefer to use)
•               Black ink
•               Practice paper
•               2 or 3 sheets of good quality paper (A4 size)
•               Short one line quotation

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