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JUNE 2017

Contemporary pointed pen - Janet Smith
Port Sunlight:                    Saturday 10th June 2017
Lower Withington:             Sunday 11th June 2017

Contemporary pointed pen1
This workshop is perfect for those who are new to using a pointed pen, or have only used it for copperplate.
We will work with an alphabet that is fresh and modern, and will ensure we’re getting the very best from our pointed pens.

Contemporary pointed pen2
There will be plenty of opportunity to break all the rules (if you want to!) and to create a piece to take away with you.


EQUIPMENT (in addition to the ordinary calligraphy kit):
A softish pencil - 2B or 3B would be perfect.
A pointed nib in a holder (I really like Brause 361,Brause EF, Nikko G, Zebra,  EF Principal.  I will have some nibs/holders for sale, but please bring along any that you have lurking in your calligraphy box and we’ll see what we can do with them.)
Ink and/or gouache.
Paper that you like practicing on - nothing too rough - I find cartridge paper is ideal.
A few small pieces of nice paper - including something coloured.
Some short quotes.

Also if you have any of these please bring:
Dr Ph Martins Bleedproof white
FW Acrylic - especially white
Coloured pencils
Watercolour set
(I will have all of these for borrowing - so please DON’T shop especially!)

 Nibs – about £1.50 each

July 8th and 9th -                  Project Day


Informal Roman Capitals - Manny Ling

Port Sunlight:                    Saturday 9th September 2017
Lower Withington:             Sunday 10th September 2017

We will explore writing informal Roman Capitals with graphite and aquarelle or coloured pencils. We will throw away the conventional proportions of traditional Roman Caps and to create and explore our own script. Clear instructions and samplers will be provided throughout the workshop.

Informal Roman Caps

Equipment Required:
Graphite pencils
Aquarelle or normal coloured pencils
Scalpel (for sharpening pencils)
2 ‘L’ shapes for cropping artwork
Small pointed brush
Small jar for water

8 x A3 Cartridge paper*
1 x A3 Black Canson pastel paper (or similar)*

* Manny will bring along some A3 cartridge paper and black paper, but please bring any supplies you may have. 

And later in the year...

October 14th and 15th -        Vivien Lunniss, Work of Rudolph Koch
November 11th and 12th -    Jilly Hazeldine, Writing on different surfaces
December 10th -                    AGM, Lower Withington (Sunday only)

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