Home Events Abstract Designs & Large Letters using a flat brush with Rachel Yallop Sunday 15th May 2022


Sun 15 May 2022


10:00 am - 4:00 pm



Abstract Designs & Large Letters using a flat brush with Rachel Yallop Sunday 15th May 2022


Rachel says: I love the incomparable contrast of black and white and particularly the drama of white letters on a black background. Add to this an accent or two of striking red and the design comes alive. This class will concentrate on this limited but highly effective colour palette using flat brush, gouache, compressed charcoal, pastel and eraser to create a series of stunning designs.

  • Mastering the technique of handling a large flat brush to create sweeping lines and expressive letters.
  • Exploring texture, line, form and overlapping strokes.
  • Employing a variety of simple techniques to create depth.
  • Designing large pieces of work using letter shapes and abstract lines from which to crop ’tile’ sections.
  • Working further on the ‘tiles’ with blended pastel, added and erased lines and cut paper accents.
  • Assembling the finished designs in a variety of formats.


  • Nylon hair wide flat brush, 1” or wider. I use Winsor & Newton series 995 and Daler Rowney D.88.
    There will be brushes to borrow on the day.
  • Fine pointed brush, eg. size 4.
  • Pencil and ruler.
  • Eraser. I use Staedtler Mars plastic.
  • Cutting knife and cutting mat/back of sketchpad.
  • Water pot, palette, and small brush for mixing.
  • Black ink. I use Pelikan 4001.
  • Black, white and red gouache. I use Schmincke Calligraphy gouache.
    There will be gouache to borrow on the day.
  • Compressed charcoal and Conté ‘Pierre Noire’ pencil (for black letters on white paper)
    There will be charcoal to borrow on the day.
  • White soft pastel and/or Conté (for white letters on black paper)
  • Paper: Lots of cartridge for practice – A3 size or larger. Black and white, Canson Mi-Teintes or similar paper for more finished pieces.
    Please bring your own paper.