Home Events Hermann Kilian Lettering with Ann Mason Sunday 10th April 2022


Sun 10 Apr 2022


10:00 am - 4:00 pm



Hermann Kilian Lettering with Ann Mason Sunday 10th April 2022


An exploration of the lettering of Hermann Kilian with particular reference to the piece Man Lebt.

We will look at how to add weight, space and ligatures.  We will discuss layout and design and then go on to draw our own letterforms and work towards a final piece.

Graphite pencils – HB and B.  If you want to work on coloured paper a 2B or softer might work better.
A good pencil sharpener and eraser.
Tracing paper.
Cartridge paper for practising the letterforms – don’t bother with layout paper.
Any paper you would like to do a final project on – it would be a good opportunity to try that hand-made or textured paper you’ve had lying in the drawer for ages!

If you want to work on coloured paper, light tones will work best with graphite or you could work with white pencil on black paper or experiment with a pointed pen and either bleed-proof white or white gouache.

You might like to use a pen, pointed or otherwise, to draw the letters in ink.  Bring along anything you think you could use to draw with.

Important: Some text for your project; this could be anything from a single word to a block of text but bear in mind the technique of drawing letters is quite time consuming.